Trip Cancellation Policy

Approved by Board of Directors 06/15/16


All payments are to be made payable to Balboa Ski & Sports Club (BSSC) and can be mailed to BSSC P.O Box 8288, Newport Beach, CA., 92658-8288, or handed to an event leader when signing up in person, or made via the club web site by credit card (MC or Visa). Indicate the event on check or event form, and roommate request if known. To cancel a trip, you must alert the trip leader personally by telephone and formalize the request in writing to validate the request — to P.O. Box 8288, Newport Beach, CA 92658-8288. Or you may e-mail the trip leader and copy the V. P. of Skiing or Director of Mammoth Trips, whichever is appropriate.


Major trip participant must be a club member to qualify for trips.

With initial deposit of at least $300 (see trip details for exact amount), trip participants must comply with BSSC by-laws and trip policies.

All participants are required to sign the BSSC waiver and/or all required trip waivers immediately after initial deposit. The participant is not confirmed until the money is paid and the paper work is complete.

Trip interruption or cancellation insurance is highly recommended.

Major Trip Participant Cancellation

Trips may be cancelled at any time prior to the final payment due date. The trip leader will expedite refunds (after initial deposit a cancellation fee of $35.00 will be charged; upon the further deposit due dates, an additional $35.00 cancellation fee will be charged).

On and after the final payment due date, trips may not be canceled. Participants have the right and responsibility to negotiate the sale/transfer of the trip package, subject to the trip leader’s approval, with first opportunity to those on the trip waiting list. The replacement must meet the BSSC major trip criteria, sign all necessary waivers, and have all transfer fees paid before the transfer is considered complete.

On and after the final payment due date, there is no refund given by BSSC.

The canceling person will be required to pay up to $250 in transfer expenses. Only the actual amount charged for ticket re-issuance and other associated expenses will be assessed.


All trips require payment in full and a signed waiver at the time of trip registration.

Prospective members are invited to participate as guests upon signing waivers and payment of an additional $30 fee. This fee is applicable toward club membership in the same fiscal year (5/1 to 4/30) as the trip. Non-member guests must comply with the same trip criteria as members.

All participants (including car drive-ups staying with the group or using bus in Mammoth) must sign the BSSC waiver prior to the trip departure from Orange County.

Weekend Bus Trip Participant Cancellation

The trip is refundable up to 35 days prior to the departure date (less the BSSC administrative fee of $35).

Thirty-five days before trip departure, the participant is responsible for selling or transferring the trip, subject to the approval of the trip leader, with first priority being given to those on the trip wait list. All replacements must meet club criteria for trip participation, must comply with club policies and sign waivers before transfer is considered complete. To cancel a trip, you must alert the trip leader personally by telephone and formalize the request in writing to validate the request—to the P.O. Box 8288, Newport Beach, Ca 92658-8288 or e-mail the trip leader, V. P. of Skiing and Director of Trips.

On and after thirty-five days prior to departure, no refund will be made by BSSC.

It is the objective of BSSC to offer its trips at prices as close to break even as is reasonably possible given the uncertainties as to the number of participants. Most trips require certain non-refundable financial commitments by the Club. If a trip is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the Club’s control (i.e., weather, failure of a transportation service provider, lack of accommodations, road conditions, mountain closure, etc.), the Club will refund as much of the trip’s costs as it is able to recover. The balance will be absorbed by the trip participants. Trip travel insurance is available from a number of sources (i.e., CSA Insurance Services, etc.) which any participant may purchase to protect against the financial cost of an unexpected cancellation.


No solicitation or promotion of non-BSSC sponsored Trips or events shall be permitted except as specially approved by the Board of Directors.